Understanding trees through technology

We are TreeSense and we stand for sensor technology to understand the world of trees. More specifically, we have developed the wearable for trees - TreeSense Pulse. Why Pulse? Because the data collected is basically reminiscent of the human heart rate.

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TreeSense solutions

Cities & communities

Demand-based irrigation enables urban trees to be cared for efficiently and in a way that conserves resources and the environment.


Precise and continuous observation of the water balance ensures year-round research into tree behavior.


A customized irrigation strategy based on tree data optimizes the yield in terms of quality and quantity.


Forestry stakeholders make informed decisions to ensure sustainable and resilient forest management.

TreeSense sensors

TreeSense Dendro

TreeSense dendrometers are tools for precise monitoring of tree growth. Minimal maintenance with maximum accuracy.

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TreeSense FDR

TreeSense FDR offers precise tracking of soil moisture in percent. With easy handling and interpretation.

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TreeSense Pulse

The early detection of drought stress in tree crowns through the use of Pulse enables proactive irrigation planning.

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TreeSense Watermark

Use findings on water availability in the soil to optimize your irrigation strategy.

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TreeSense Cloud



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About TreeSense
What exactly does TreeSense do?

TreeSense stands for sensor technology for monitoring and caring for trees, which enables health monitoring and needs-based irrigation. We bring tree sensor technology from science into practice because we combine the expertise of tree science, electrical engineering and data analysis.

How does TreeSense contribute to sustainability?

TreeSense makes the value of trees quantifiable by continuously documenting tree vitality and incorporating it into long-term considerations. By optimizing irrigation schedules, we contribute to resource efficiency and support healthy, resilient urban ecosystems.

How quickly can TreeSense solutions be implemented?

TreeSense is quick and easy to implement. The system is normally ready for use within 4-8 weeks of agreement, depending on the scope and specific requirements of the project.

Does TreeSense offer customized solutions?

Yes, we work closely with our customers to provide solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. We customize our sensor technology, software and service volumes to ensure optimal results in different application areas.