TreeSense Watermark

Use findings on water availability in the soil to optimize your irrigation strategy.

Watermark use cases

Understanding connections

Through continuous measurements, soil moisture data provides an in-depth understanding of ecological relationships, which is crucial for analyzing the interactions between soil conditions, plant growth and climate factors.

Automate documentation

Soil moisture sensors automate the documentation of irrigation by precisely recording moisture data and assigning it to employees. This assignment enables a detailed assessment of work performance throughout the season and optimizes irrigation processes.

Optimize irrigation strategy

TreeSense soil moisture sensors, combined with other sensor data and soil analysis, enable the development, evaluation and optimization of long-term, site-specific irrigation strategies for efficient and sustainable water use.

TreeSense Watermark continuously determines the soil water potential and thus also takes soil quality into account. With the quadruple version, it can provide detailed insights into different soil depths for effective irrigation management.

Measurement parameters: Soil suction tension, temperature
Soil suctiontension: Measuring range [kPa]: 0-239
Temperature: Measuring range [°C]: -10 - 85
Resolution: 0.01°C
Measuring accuracy: 0.3°C (-10°C-50°C) and 0.6°C in all other cases
Measuring method: RTD, calibrated

TreeSense Watermark

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FAQ about the Watermark Sensor
How does the TreeSense Watermark differ from the FDR?

TreeSense Watermark shows how much water the tree has available to draw up into the crown. For example, a sandy soil with the same FDR soil moisture has less water available for the plant than a loamy soil. FDR sensors therefore do not take soil quality into account.

How long do the soil moisture sensors last?

TreeSense soil moisture sensors are designed for longevity and will last for several years under normal conditions. Their durability depends on the environmental conditions and the intensity of use.

Why do I need soil moisture data when I use Pulse?

Soil moisture data can complement Pulse data by providing context on soil conditions. This helps to understand plant water requirements more accurately and to manage irrigation efficiently, especially in variable soil conditions.

How often do I have to service the sensor?

TreeSense sensors are designed for minimal maintenance. Most models only require occasional checks and battery changes. The battery should be replaced approximately every 2-3 years and annual relocation of the sensor is recommended to ensure valid data.