About TreeSense

TreeSense, born out of intensive research at the Heinz-Nixdorf Chair at the Technical University of Munich, has established itself as a pioneer in the environmental technology industry through tireless dedication and innovation. Our founding history is characterized by numerous experiments and trials in the field of tree sensor technology, which played a decisive role in shaping our unique products and services. This intensive research phase enabled us to develop sophisticated sensor technologies that provide real-time data on tree health and give early warning of drought and disease stress.

Our commitment and innovations have been recognized with awards such as the Gründungspreis+ and the special prize for digital sustainability from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The uniqueness of TreeSense lies in the successful fusion of electrical engineering, tree science and data analysis/artificial intelligence.

This interdisciplinary approach enables us to offer customized solutions for the efficient maintenance and preservation of tree populations, which are of great value to municipal administrations as well as farmers and forest owners. Our aim is to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and the promotion of biodiversity through our technologies.