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Dendrometer applications

Track tree growth

Dendrometers make it possible to monitor tree growth with micrometer precision. They record changes in radius and diameter, which is essential for accurately assessing the growth and development of trees, especially for crop yield forecasts and ecological research.

Monitor tree health

By measuring changes in the tree structure, dendrometers provide valuable insights into tree health. They help to monitor the water status and are crucial for the early detection of stress factors such as drought or disease.

Analyze environmental influences

Dendrometers are indispensable tools for investigating the influence of environmental factors on trees. They allow the dating of growth periods and frost events, which is crucial for understanding environmental influences and adaptation strategies.

  • Measurement parameters (depending on version): Radius, diameter, circumference
  • Measuring range, resolution and measuring accuracy are version-dependent
  • More information from our partner Ecomatik

TreeSense dendrometers are tools for precise monitoring of tree growth. Minimal maintenance with maximum accuracy means they are ideal for urban, agricultural and forestry applications.

TreeSense Dendro

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FAQ about the TreeSense Drendrometer
What exactly does the dendrometer measure?

A dendrometer measures changes in the diameter or radius of plant parts such as tree trunks or branches. It provides micrometer-precise data on the growth dynamics and vitality of trees, which is essential for assessing tree health.

Why do I need a dendrometer?

The dendrometer helps to identify stress factors even more precisely and is particularly useful in ecological research and in optimizing tree care measures. With dendrometers and the TreeSense Cloud, it is possible to estimate tree growth, which can be used as a performance indicator for past care measures.

How often do I have to service the sensor?

Maintenance requirements vary depending on the model and tree growth. Depending on the model and operating environment, only sporadic checks and possibly a battery change are usually necessary. Our wealth of experience combined with the technical expertise of our partners will help you make the right choice.

What questions do I have to answer to get the right sensor?

You can think about the following questions in advance: Which plant species do you want to monitor? Under what environmental conditions will the sensors be used? What specific data do you need (e.g. growth, health)? How technically adept are you or your team at using sensors?