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Lack of flexibility in tree irrigation

Traditional tree care is reactive, resource intensive and can overlook the subtle signs of stress or disease in trees. We need care that is not only efficient and precise, but also proactive to sustain trees and secure green spaces for future generations. In urban areas, we struggle with a complex challenge: watering schedules are often set before the season, without adaptation to the specific needs of individual trees. As a result, young trees either suffer from a lack or excess of water, which severely affects their vitality and ability to survive. Inadequate irrigation can also stress young plants and increase their susceptibility to disease. There is a lack of a flexible system that recognizes the variable water requirements of young trees and reacts accordingly to ensure their vitality during this critical growth phase.

Revolution in urban tree care

By using advanced sensor technology, TreeSense enables urban trees to be watered according to their needs. Sensors attached directly to the trees continuously monitor key health indicators such as the water balance within the tree. This data is analyzed in real time by our algorithms to determine the specific water needs of each individual tree. This allows cities to precisely adjust their watering schedules, which not only promotes tree health and growth, but also saves resources and increases efficiency. This targeted care reduces stress and disease susceptibility of trees and supports sustainable development of urban green spaces, which is crucial for the quality of life in cities. TreeSense therefore makes a valuable contribution to intelligent and sustainable urban development.

The green smart city from a single source

TreeSense supports you in coordinating all relevant stakeholders, installing the sensors and training your employees. We provide you with the entire expertise for data transmission and interpretation. After just a few weeks of implementation, you will be ready to start irrigating trees as required.

Save on irrigation - where possible

The savings in irrigation depend on the season, tree and location, but we have already achieved impressive figures in several field trials under a wide range of conditions. While maintaining the same vitality, we were able to save 14 out of 15 irrigation cycles in the second year compared to the original tender for trees.

A customized sensor setup for your individual problem

Depending on the issue at hand, our experts will recommend a sensor setup that is tailored to your requirements. As a general rule, more sensors achieve a higher resolution and precision of the analyses, but we consider cost-effectiveness to be the decisive factor when making decisions.

Customized software solution: We support you in integrating the data into existing systems.

Our data and analyses can be seamlessly integrated into existing urban management systems to enable comprehensive ecosystem analyses. The solution gives you access to both the subject-specific Treesense Cloud and the interfaces for integration.

TreeSense sensors

TreeSense Dendro

TreeSense dendrometers are tools for precise monitoring of tree growth. Minimal maintenance with maximum accuracy.

To the sensor
TreeSense FDR

TreeSense FDR offers precise tracking of soil moisture in percent. With easy handling and interpretation.

To the sensor
TreeSense Pulse

The early detection of drought stress in tree crowns through the use of Pulse enables proactive irrigation planning.

To the sensor
TreeSense Watermark

Use findings on water availability in the soil to optimize your irrigation strategy.

To the sensor
TreeSense Cloud



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FAQ on cities & municipalities
How does TreeSense help me with the implementation?

We connect all stakeholders (LoRa, IT, Green Office, ...), identify your requirements and then recommend a sensor setup. After accepting the offer, we start the implementation (usually 6-8 weeks) and hand over the working solution to you with a briefing.

Can I also use the solution independently?

In principle, TreeSense products can be used independently. TreeSense sensors are easy to use and the technical setup, including interfaces, remains in place after implementation. Our training courses enable you to use the sensors and cloud platform independently.

How long does a typical project take?

Our projects are designed to last around 3 years in order to obtain relevant results on the savings in your application. After the initial period, the extension of a project can be evaluated with an interim conclusion.

How does TreeSense help me achieve my goals?

TreeSense supports you right from the start in defining and achieving your tree care goals. The objectives range from digitizing the tree population to expanding your knowledge of individual locations and tree populations. This is our standard.