TreeSense Support

The idea behind the sensor tab

The Sensor tab in the TreeSense Cloud is the element of the platform specifically designed to manage and monitor the sensors connected to the trees. The main purpose of the sensor tab is to provide a centralized interface for managing all sensors registered in the TreeSense Cloud. This includes the display of sensor details, the [...]

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Data export

Data export from the TreeSense Cloud is an essential feature for users who want to perform a comprehensive analysis of their tree data, especially when it comes to comparing or combining sensor values with additional data sets. Importance of data export Exporting data allows users to use the information collected and documented in the TreeSense Cloud for further [...].

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Explanation and editing of the sensor properties

The TreeSense Cloud allows users to manage and edit the properties of their sensors in detail to ensure optimal tree monitoring and care. This wiki article provides a comprehensive guide to the editable and viewable properties of the sensors in the TreeSense Cloud. Viewable properties In addition to the editable properties, users can also view the following information [...]

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