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Add tree and import tree register

The TreeSense Cloud enables users to efficiently manage and monitor their tree population. A central component of this management is the ability to add individual trees or import entire tree inventories. This wiki article provides detailed instructions for both processes. Adding a tree Adding a tree to the TreeSense Cloud is a simple process that [...]

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Document tree properties

The TreeSense Cloud enables users to create a comprehensive tree register that serves as the basis for simplified documentation and monitoring of the condition of trees. This digital cadastre not only supports the daily management and maintenance of trees, but also contributes significantly to internal research and the improvement of data interpretation. Documentable tree properties In [...]

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QuickStart: Create project

Creating projects in the TreeSense Cloud allows users to efficiently organize and control their tree monitoring activities. This wiki article guides you through the process of creating projects and explains how trees with sensors can be created for specific monitoring tasks. Setting up a project In the TreeSense Cloud, there are two main ways to create a project [...].

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The functions of the TreeSense Cloud

The TreeSense Cloud offers you an innovative platform for monitoring and managing the health and water balance of your trees. This platform is specifically designed to make the management and monitoring of trees easier and more effective through a variety of functionalities and features. Below you will find a detailed overview of the central [...]

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About the settings in the TreeSense Cloud

The TreeSense Cloud enables an individualized view of tree management. The settings that can be configured include Customer account Number and type of user accounts Notifications Language The TreeSense Cloud license is always switched to a customer account that is managed by an admin. This admin has the option of assigning projects, sensors and trees to the account [...]

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Pulse - interpretation of the data

TreeSense Pulse technology provides an advanced method of monitoring the water balance of trees by measuring resistance, temperature, battery status and optionally solar energy. Correct interpretation of this data is critical to understanding tree health and effective water management. Data and decoder TreeSense Pulse transmits data packets via LoRaWAN or NB-IoT, which are processed by a [...]

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