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How watermark sensors work

A detailed description of the structure and function of watermark sensors can be found, for example, in the following scientific article, which also serves as the source for this article: "Irrometer Watermark Series: Scientific Background" from Mississippi State University. At the heart of a watermark sensor is a measurement of the electrical conductivity between two electrodes. If there is non-conductive material between these two electrodes [...]

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Assembly (and accessories)

Installing the TreeSense Pulse Sensor is a meticulous process that ensures the accuracy of data collection and the integrity of the tree. Each step is explained in detail here to ensure a successful installation. By carefully following these detailed steps, the TreeSense Pulse sensor will be successfully installed and ready to provide accurate data to support tree health management [...].

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To the screw holder

The screw holder is an integral part of the TreeSense Pulse system, which enables efficient and minimally invasive measurement of the water-bearing layers in trees. The TreeSense Pulse screw mount represents a thoughtful approach to tree measurement that balances precision and tree health. By following recommended practices and regular maintenance, long-term and effective monitoring can be [...]

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Requirements for the use of Pulse

TreeSense Pulse is an innovative tree monitoring tool that makes it possible to collect important data on the water balance of trees in real time. For an effective application of the Pulse sensor, specific requirements are necessary to ensure that the collected data is reliable and meaningful. In the following, the basic requirements for the successful implementation and [...]

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Watermark - Interpretation of the data

The patented Watermark sensor for determining soil water tension in kPa has been in use worldwide since 1978. But what exactly is soil water tension? Soil water tension refers to the force with which water is retained in the soil. It is measured in units such as centibars (cb) or kilopascals (kPa). This tension is caused by the attractive forces between the [...]

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Requirements for the use of Watermark

TreeSense Watermark is an advanced soil moisture monitoring instrument specifically designed to accurately measure and manage the water balance of plants. Like the TreeSense Pulse Sensor, the Watermark Sensor requires certain prerequisites for effective use. These requirements ensure that the data collected is valid and useful for irrigation management. [...]

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